“Get Out” became an instant classic upon its release in 2017. The Jordan Peele helmed film was a ground breaking feat of genre bending and viral marketing that made it a global phenomenon. A large part of that viral marketings success was thanks to the image of lead actor Daniel Kaluuya staring horrified into the screen with tears streaming from his eyes. So powerful in fact that it has been spoofed and recreated several times over the years.

Crazy to think that despite how synonymous Kaluuya was to the film and its over all legacy, that somehow he was left of the list when it came time to invite people to its world premiere at the Sundance festival that year.

That is correct, someone forgot to invite the star of the film to his own premiere.

Currently doing the press run for his latest film Judas and The Black Messiah, Kaluuya stopped by British late night staple The Graham Norton Show. While there, he made the shocking revelation to Graham and his in studio team, who all awkwardly laughed but shared the same visible disbelief at what they were hearing.

“You were invited to the premiere!?” asked a flabbergasted Graham. Kaluuya, who appeared via a video call responded “They didn’t invite me.”

Looking dapper in a burgundy suit, its obvious Kaluuya is over it by now, but that didn’t make it any easier for Graham and co to process. “No, thank can’t be true!” replied Graham.

Kaluuya went on to explain that while he was busy at the time shooting Black Panther, he did manage to clear his schedule to attend, but the invite never came.

“[For the] Sundance world premier i was in Atlanta cause i was shooting Panther. I clear my schedule cause I was like yo i really want to do it, but I just didn’t get the invite. i wasn’t invited.” He laughed and shrugged it off saying “That’s the industry Graham, this is the game!”

“Somebody f—-d up!” said Graham before the clip cuts off.

Later in the interview he also talks about skills he acquired in lockdown. “I learned how to write with my left hand!” he told the in studio team.