Aubrey O’Day shot to fame in the early aughts from her appearance on MTV’s Making the Band, joining the group Danity Kane and going on to have a music career. She’s also since made other appearances across media over the years, but it’s her latest “appearance” that has people chatting about the former pop star.

Before this latest round of Internet chatter, Aubrey’s biggest battle had been fighting off trolls that had latched onto the fact that she’d dated President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr. With the President not being the most popular person, Aubrey’s caught some backlash for her affiliation with the family.

The dalliance began when the two of them were both on the ex-reality show host President’s NBC show Celebrity Apprentice back in 2011.

O’Day appeared on the show alongside such other celebrities and they completed challenges to win money for charities of their choice and be crowned the “Celebrity Apprentice.” While O’Day didn’t win (that would have been comedian Arsenio Hall), she did get a consolation prize – attention and a secret relationship with the future President’s son.

The story goes that the junior Trump pursued O’Day while on set, despite being married since 2005. Also allegedly during that time, Donald, Jr’s wife was pregnant with their third child, according to Page Six at the time. Eventually, they were in a relationship with each other between 2011 and 2012.

However, things began to change and O’Day found herself on the outs with the Don, Jr. – allegedly at the behest of his father. Eventually, Donald Trump, Jr. and his wife Vanessa Trump got a divorce from her husband of 12 years, after 5 children – no doubt preceeded by the fact that she’d discovered emails between her husband and O’Day.

Over the years, O’Day’s released songs that have discussed the relationship that she had with Donald, Jr. – even creating a song that featured his initials, “DJT,” for her 2013 album Between Two Evils. The song is about a man that left her behind to return to his regular life, and many drew comparisons easily to what O’Day had been going through.

In 2012, she put out a remix of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know,” changing the lyrics to be about an affair — with a married man. “You said that was the reason for your pain / But you were scared to ruin your family’s name / Your wife’s the only one glad we are over.”

Despite that drama, Aubrey’s seem to have been attending to her own affairs until the Internet got some pictures that were allegedly her, alarmingly being much heavier than anyone had ever seen her before. While some were supportive, others have been harmful and have trolled her.

Now, O’Day is clapping back however, claiming that not only are the pictures not of her, but that she’s tired of the constant attention paid to women’s bodies in this industry.

Posting pictures on Twitter, holding an original sign with the date and her name, O’Day let loose a scathing tweet about how she’d been treated since these alleged pictures of her had been released.

“It’s so sick what ppl will do for click bait!” she tweeted. “And that my lawyer needed this photo to defend me against it.. when is this industry going to stop abusing women’s bodies! Sorry my place is a mess, currently remodeling my glam room- I’m sure it’ll be written that I’m a hoarder next!”

See the photos below.