Last week, Kim Kardashian announced that she would be focusing her attention on getting Master P’s brother, Corey Miller, released along with the help of his ex-girlfriend R&B singer, Monica.

Since last year, Kim Kardashian has dedicated her time to becoming a lawyer and working towards prison reform, working directly with Trump to have Alice Marie Johnson freed after serving 21 years of a life sentence.R&B singer Monica shared the news with her fans stating, “Corey deserves to come home to his girls and be the father they need, be the artist & leader he’s always been as well as spread hope to those who have also experienced this.”

Everyone seemed excited about the news other than Miller’s brother himself, Master P.In a video posted directly to Instagram, Master P spoke about his brother’s case, revealing he has spent millions to date attempting to have his brother released.

“My whole thing is getting my brother home. Whatever anybody do that’s gonna spark that plug, I appreciate it,” said P in a video released on the renewed attention to his brother’s case. “But, like I said, Louisiana is not the same like all the rest of these places.” The rapper then went on to subtly question the motives of both Kim Kardashian and Monica.

“I hope it’s all for the right reasons with all these people,” he continued. “Louisiana is serious. We done spent millions of dollars throughout all these years and, you know, this place has a lot of corruption. Hopefully, Kim K and her celebrity status– but, this is not going to be easy.”

Corey Miller spoke out about the news calling Kim Kardashian an angel, and Monica his’ ride or die.’ Also sharing, he has published multiple books to help feed his family and pay lawyers bare minimum since he’s been away.

Only time will tell if Kim Kardashian will have the same success with Miller that she had in 2019 with Alice Marie Johnson.