Rapper J. Cole famously writes, produces and raps all of his own rhymes with “no features” but there’s no “I” in team and it seems as if he wants to join one – a NBA basketball team. The Dreamville label owner seems to be angling for a run at the NBA and is getting advice from a fellow rapper turned baller – Master P.

Master P is having a bit of a resurgence, thanks to BET’s airing of the No Limit: Chronicles show, which charts the label’s growth and success alongside Master P’s entrepreneurial streak and family mentality. Back in the 90’s, Master P himself was someone who had hoop dreams; the rapper went on to play for two NBA teams himself eventually, despite his music moguldom.

The rapper has been influential in other ways, including counseling and helping to support another of the people’s favorite rappers – Snoop Dogg. Snoop famously left Los Angeles and the West Coast for the Southern deltas of New Orleans. His run on the label was one that many never forgot and now Snoop’s sharing more of his history. Recently on The Breakfast Club he talked about how he ended up on No Limit Records with Master P and his New Orleans brand of hip-hop.

“Master P saved my life. I was gonna put an album out called F*** Death Row and Mack 10 was gonna give me a million dollars to put it out,” sharing about another West Coast icon, Mack 10. Snoop’s troubles with his old label are well-known and he still remembers vividly running into Master P and his artist Mystikal in a studio. Snoop hopped on a song and Master P asked him how much he wanted for the feature. Snoop recalls telling him “15,” thinking it would be $1500. The next day, Master P surprised him even further.

“I come back the next day, Master P wrote me a check for $35,000,” he said. “So I’m like, oh, I like this n****’s style. He called me to his office, he said ‘What you working on?’ I said, ‘I got this album called F*** Death Row. This motherf**ker hard.'” As Snoop recalls, Master P then closed the door to his office and strongly advised against that, telling Snoop “you ain’t gon’ live to see that album out.”

Master P’s wisdom is now being turned toward J. Cole, as he tries to take his talents to the NBA while still being a successful rapper. It’s a part of J. Cole’s mythos that he was baller that turned down the opportunity for college ball to become a rapper, and now it seems Cole wants to get back to his other love of sports.

Appearing in a new commercial for Puma, both Cole and Master P, via voiceover, seemingly address the rumors themselves. Cole is both featured bent over, sweating, while he also practices shots with a coach behind himself in the frame. Master P can be heard questioning his decision to try-out for the NBA it seems.

P told TMZ Sports that Cole’s serious about a run for the jersey and that the two have discussed it. “When I talked to J. Cole, he was like ‘You know, big dog you did it. What do you think I would have to do to make it happen?'”

“I said to get one of these NBA jerseys, it’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be a lot of hate, it’s gonna be a lot of people not believing in you but you know J. Cole — he got the right size, he in the gym!”

While it seems Cole journey may just be starting, he may already have an offer from a team – the Detroit Pistons. While the team currently has a 20-46 record, their social media seems to indicate that they’d love to him for tryouts. “Hit us up for that tryout. This is for the all the dreamers.”

While Cole may be serious, Master P had some great advice for him – especially coming into a storied league as a novice AND a celebrity. “Either you’re gonna be good enough to play or you’re gonna get exposed.”

See the commercial below.