The last few weeks must’ve certainly been challenging for the Braxton Family. Tamar Braxton, a famous singer, recording artist, and co-star of “Braxton Family Values” and “Tamar & Vince,” was hospitalized on July 16th after a medical emergency, which she later confirmed an attempt on her own life.

Her sister, Toni, recently voiced her support days ago on Instagram with a family photo captioned, “Family is Everything! Especially sisters!” Solidarity and affirmation are vital reminders of our worth and purpose for living. Fans have been comforted in seeing the demonstration of love between the siblings.

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Family is everything! Especially sisters!

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Toni has also given word that a new solo album is forthcoming. “Spell My Name” will be Toni’s 10th solo album, a milestone for many in an industry of one-hit-wonders and never-was’. The lead single is titled “Dance” and is aptly put. It is set for a release date of August 28th on Island, a Universal Music Group record label.

Toni also dropped some shocking beauty pearls on Instagram: A video post of her using, the device directly on her face for skincare! This is one regimen that surely has to be unheard of.

Toni seemed to acknowledge the relative oddity of her practice assuring followers saying, “I haven’t used it on anything else but my face. Okay. Just FYI.” To further differentiate the use and purpose of her device, she said, ” I call it a’ face-tingler.’ It tickles the muscles in my face to get them activated and working.”

Fans responded with mixed reactions. Some insist if the singer is using it, it must work by looking at her youth, while others were surprised because they’ve never heard of it before.